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User Generated TikTok Videos for Helping Brand Promotion

User Generated TikTok Videos for Helping Brand Promotion

User Generated TikTok Videos

Amongst top video sharing social media service, the name TikTok has been quite conspicuous due to its unique concept of sharing video. TikTok, a Chinese company has currently more than 500 million users from world over. This makes it one of the most active social network platforms. It has a unique concept and that is it allows videos to be created and uploaded by just about anyone within a time frame of 3 to 60 seconds. This makes it perhaps the most user friendly platform and naturally it clocked millions of them without any trouble.

It is obvious that all users would love to have their video uploaded in a virtual platform and in TikTok this is just simple and easy. Videos are created by setting popular music or their own version by users. This again can be sped to give extraordinary effect of uniqueness or slowed too. Users are allowed to choose music from wide genre in app itself.

TikTok has attracted younger generations like nothing else and it became robust area full of gimmicks, short dances, singing popular genre, health tips, cooking and much more. In fact, whatever is possible by human being within that allocated time of 60 seconds is uploaded in TikTok.

Advantages of TikTok Marketing

There are numerous advantages as to why brands can promote their products without any hassles.

#1. Easy Public Viewing

Brands promoting their products on TikTok have benefit of getting it viewed from all sections of people mostly common people. Users are mostly common lot and in particular youngsters as they feel at top of world just by uploading their video on it.

#2. Number of Features

TikTok has number of features for users to create and share videos. It has a ‘react’ feature whereby users may film their own response to yet another specific video. This may be moved around the screen and there is yet another feature called ‘Duet’ that allows users to set their own accounts as ‘private’. However, all videos are public by default and users may later make necessary changes in their settings.

#3. Content Generation through AI

TikTok uses Artificial Intelligence or AI and this means specific activities are instantly spotted. It readily reads out users ‘add to favorite’ video and ones ‘not interested’ to a particular user.

#4. Family Safety Mode

This is yet another benefit that brands may take note of when promoting products in TikTok. These are restricted time management option for parents, restrictive video viewing, putting a limit to messaging among the important ones.

#5. Unique Algorithms

Brands may take note of unique algorithm of TikTok as it finds out how much time users spend on certain videos, like comments, preferences on genre. This is easily placed in front of user according to user’s own tastes and preferences and it is here that marketers can take advantage.

Promoting Business and Brands on TikTok

Since there are numerous opportunities to promote your business or brand TikTok has seen huge influx of businesses placing ads to creating their own videos. You may find some of the most used techniques that brands take while promoting their products as given below.

#1. Brands Creating their Own Channels

Just like other individual users on TikTok brands can simply launch their own channels. Brands may therefore need to be a little creative for uploading videos that are related to their products and business. Another advantage is that brands can make them fast as usually TikTok users do not look carefully for quality of videos. Users upload anything and this means downright layman’s noisy screaming techniques, funny videos to absurd singing or noisy eating.

Brands may do some research and insert videos making light fun and casual depiction as too serious stuffs seldom find viewers on this platform.

#2. Brands Must Follow Latest Trends

This is very important for all brands as user’s videos mostly show what the current trend is. Hence, as a business you too ought to position your brand accordingly while placing ads or promoting your channel. This would allow your brand or channel to attract more followers. Otherwise, brands may also go for speedy viewership by purchasing followers.

In other words, businesses may also buy tiktok views from online agencies for payment.

#3. Make Use of Hashtags Challenges

Brands can create Hashtags challenges in their videos so that public generally would take up such challenges. This can be anything as silly as jumping like a frog is a particular way to eating chilies raw. These challenges are posted with a Hashtag in front of a short name that is specific to the brand.

Businesses may introduce their own challenges yet it must be fun and not difficult to perform by most people. By encouraging people to do it you have loads of followers for your video and thus promoting your brand.

#4. Brands May Make Use of Influencers

Brands can successfully promote their brand with influencers. Influencers are users having their own specific videos that they upload periodically on TikTok. These videos have huge following as users watch them for both entertainment and information. Brands can enter into an agreement with such users or influencers and promote their products.

Products thus promoted have instant views of the large following of the influencer. Most videos are live streamed for users to watch. However, your brand or product must be appropriate to each video situation otherwise it will not resonate properly with viewers.

#5. Direct Ad Posting on TikTok

Brands and businesses can make use of TikTok paid ad service. This means that they can post ads by paying money to TikTok just like traditional advertisements. For more information businesses can directly contact official site of TikTok. Further, those brands that are looking for quick gain and wish to be seen by numerous followers can approach agencies that encourage businesses to buy tiktok likes.

Although there may be some ethical problems yet overall in any online platform including games this has almost become a norm than an exception.

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