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Technology of Cannabis Vape is evolving, how do they work?

Technology of Cannabis Vape is evolving, how do they work?

Technology of Cannabis Vape is evolving

The speed at which the vaping market has evolved over the past few years has been impressive to say the least. It quickly went from being a niche market with a few loyal followers to one of the fastest growing of all consumer markets. How – and why – did this happen, and what are the newest types of devices that you can use to vape cannabis? Let’s have a closer look.

How Did Vaping Become Popular?

Vaping began to grow in popularity following the countrywide ban on smoking tobacco in public places. This was implemented as there is now firm evidence that tobacco smoking is harmful to one’s health. The market was further boosted by the legalization of cannabis in many US states. The danger in smoking comes from the actual burning of a substance, an act that creates by-products such as tar and certain carcinogens.

Vaping creates a cloud of vapour, not smoke, when the cannabis is atomized. This is safer by far than smoking, hence many cannabis users buying dab pens for their cannabis enjoyment. What is a dab pen, and how does it work?

What is a Dab Pen?

A cannabis concentrate dab pen is one of many types of vaping device on the market right now. It is specifically designed for vaping cannabis concentrate, rather than dry herb. Concentrate is extracted from the weed and becomes a powerful and very pure form of cannabis. The concentrate is put into a cartridge, which is an essential component of a dab pen.

How does the pen work? It is in fact quite a simple process. The dab pen is a portable device with an outer casing on which there will be buttons to control it, and sometimes LED lights or readouts to tell the user what state it is in. Inside the casing is the cartridge, a small battery, and an atomizer or coil. Also in there are the electronics that make things happen.

The user presses a start button a prescribed number of times. This instructs the battery to send a charge to the coil. The coil heats to certain temperature at which the cannabis concentrate is atomized. The user then takes a draw on the final component – the mouthpiece – and enjoys their cannabis hit.

The battery is rechargeable via USB. In recent times the development of batteries has seen some introduced that have variable voltage. This adds sophistication to the process in that it allows for the temperature at which vapour is produced to be altered, giving the user a method of amending the strength and taste of the cannabis to his or her own individual liking.

Is a Dab Pen the Best Way to Vape Cannabis?

This depends whether you enjoy vaping cannabis in dry form or want to try the concentrate route. Many users prefer to concentrate to herb, and many the other way. We like the variable nature of the dab pen as it gives greater scope for amending the taste and strength, but the choice is one for the individual.

The best way to vape cannabis is that which brings you the most enjoyment and also is the more convenient, and in many ways the smooth and rich taste of a cannabis concentrate cloud is one that will win over most users.

If you want to try it, we suggest you find a reputable online retailer who can give you advice and help finding a beginner’s dab pen kit, and then if you do enjoy this method of vaping cannabis, you can move up to a more sophisticated device.

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