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What is AutoCAD? – Definition, Uses, Features and More

What is AutoCAD? – Definition, Uses, Features and More

AutoCAD Definition

AutoCAD is a software of the CAD type (Computer-Aided Design) and drafting software app. It was created by an American company specialized in this field called Autodesk.

The first version of AutoCAD was launched in 1982 and has not ceased to reap success since then. It is mainly due to the high standards of code quality with which the company manages. A fact that has led to position itself with the software for modeling structures. Or else plans most used by architects and engineers around the world.

Thanks to its advanced and convenient features. AutoCAD is now a fundamental piece in any architectural design or industrial engineering studio. And is commonly used for the development and elaboration of intricate two-dimensional (2D) technical drawing pieces. And also the creation of three-dimensional models (3D).

Although AutoCAD is the most popular software in this category. There are other competitors in the market such as MicroStation, VectorWorks, IntelligentCad for three-dimensional modelling, and parametric. Such as Catia, Pro-Engineer, Solid Works and Solid Edges. But the truth is that robustness, and the reliability of [AutoCAD] has raised it to the maximum podium in the preferences of professionals in the sector.

AutoCAD Uses

An AutoCAD works by using vector images, but it is also able to import files of other types such as bitmaps, which allows the professional to achieve better dynamism and deepen their work.

Similar to Photoshop and other graphic design tools, [AutoCAD] uses the layering system, which allows its operator freedom of work, since, through its use, the different elements that make up the piece can organize. Or plan that the user is developing.

Since its inception, [AutoCAD] has written within the mind, and as a primary objective, the design of plans, and for this, it offers a more than extensive library of resources such as colors, the thickness of lines and textures usable for plots, among many others.

The modern versions of [AutoCAD] incorporate the concept of model space and paper space, which allows the design and drawing phases to separate in 2D and 3D, from the aspects necessary for the creation of plans at a specific scale. Also, other new concepts incorporated are solid modeling.

Features of AutoCAD

CAE Computer Aided Engineer (Computer-Aided Engineering)

This type of software is used, among other tasks, in the realization of prototypes for simulation and calculation on virtual drawings, the loads and efforts that a particular piece will suffer in its work.

CAM Computer Aidded Manufacturing (Computer-Aided Manufacturing)

It is a subsequent step to CAD, in areas such as mechanics, and characterized by the generation of specific codes interpretable by numerical control computed machines used in the manufacture of parts.

GIS Geographic Information System

System to process and generate cartographic images, mapping, and elaboration of cartographic databases and databases.

AutoCAD Versions

The Autodesk AutoCAD is available for the two major platforms, Windows and Mac, and offers several versions of the product simultaneously as if they do other applications and operating systems, as currently it is based on a flexible subscription model, the which allows adding new features according to the needs of each user.

In addition to the desktop AutoCAD version, users also can use the AutoCAD web application, with which they can view, create and edit AutoCAD designs from any computer or device with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

What does AutoCAD include?

AutoCAD offers specific design tools for each area of the industry, including architecture, electrical installation design, 3D plants, mechanical design, and plumbing design, and depending on the activity to which we engage, it is the set of tools that we will acquire.

In this sense, the tool-sets available once we subscribe to the service are:

• Architecture Auto-CAD
• Electrical Auto-CAD
• Map 3D Auto-CAD
• Mechanical [Auto-CAD]
• MEP [Auto-CAD]
• Plant 3D [Auto-CAD]
• Raster Design [Auto-CAD]
• Auto-CAD mobile application
• Auto-CAD web application

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