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What is IT-ISAC? – Definition, Membership Requirements and More

What is IT-ISAC? – Definition, Membership Requirements and More

IT-ISAC Definition

IT-ISAC (Information Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center) is a major U.S. IT vendor7. It is configured by a corporate member such as a service provider. And it requires members to meet all of the following conditions when participating in IT-ISAC.

The IT-ISAC Board determines the decision on whether to qualify for participation.
The introduction of the concept ISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Center) was on May 22, 1998, presidential Decree 63 (PDD 63: Presidential), signed by then-President Clinton decision Directive-63).

  • And published in PDD 63 attacks critical infrastructure areas recognizing the possibility of the decision, he recommended the decision of the responsible organization and the establishment of a specialized organization for information sharing.
  • Also, It shares information on threats and vulnerabilities in the field within the field as a function of a specialized organization for information sharing asked to do.
  • Besides, The establishment of the current ISAC was in response. And from 1999 to 2000, the four largest sectors were Financial Services, Telecommunications, Power and Emergency Response.

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IT-ISAC Membership Requirements

Being a US company and should not directly or indirectly under the control of foreign power.

  • It is a company defined in Art. I Sec. 1 of Bylaws, which is the internal rules of IT-ISAC
    (Specifically, the companies listed below)
  • IT (including Internet and e-commerce) products, solutions and services
    Vendors, manufacturers, and providers.
  • Providing services based on IT, the Internet and e-commerce to the general public
  • Other companies deemed appropriate to participate in IT-ISAC at the discretion of the executive.
    Needs to get a written recommendation from two or more IT-ISAC officers.
  • Besides, IT-related industry groups and IT-related research and educational institutions have also become affiliated members with companies.

There is another ISAC, Research & Education Networking ISAC (REN-ISAC) in the information technology field.

And also, IT-ISAC is an ISAC in the IT industry, whereas REN-ISAC is made up of universities and research institutions. In addition, communication ISAC (NCC) members also include IT vendors but in the case of Communication ISAC.

A company that is a vendor of products related to communications (line, router, switch, etc.) and has a high level of involvement in NS / EP communications. Because it is eligible, it does not entirely overlap with IT-ISAC members.

Terms and Principles

Mission statement
IT-ISAC lists the following items as mission statements of activities.

  • IT-ISAC Mission Statement 12
  • Electronic incidents, threats, attacks, vulnerabilities and their solutions, responses,
  • Report and share strategy and other precautionary information
  • Establish a systematic and protected information sharing and coordination function
  • For policy on cybersecurity and information sharing,
  • Take leadership.

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