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What is MirrorLink? – Definition, Functions, Applications, And More

What is MirrorLink? – Definition, Functions, Applications, And More

Definition MirrorLink

MirrorLink is an app that offers incorporation between a car’s infotainment system and a smartphone.

A mobile phone serves every day that passes for more of our daily life. And if there is something we use every day, it is our car. One of the functionalities that you surely do not know is MirrorLink.

MirrorLink was born to become the benchmark for car interior information systems. However, in recent years platforms such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay have taken away a lot of market share.

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How do MirrorLink works?

It is clear that the Google and Apple platforms are gradually becoming the most used, but MirrorLink also has many advantages.

How do the MirrorLink application work to integrate the smartphone in the car

The integration between the smartphone and the vehicles is increasingly a more important question when deciding on one model or another. The applications compatible with the mobile and, in turn, with our vehicle make life on board more comfortable, but this connection is not always possible.

MirrorLink is the perfect complement for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

MirrorLink was officially born in 2013 defining itself with its name: “mirror” by mirror and “link” by link. That is, those cars that equip MirrorLink will offer us a reproduction of our smartphone through the car screen that we can control with their controls or with those of the steering wheel intended for this purpose (if we have this option).

Those MirrorLink compatible smartphones will link to the infotainment system directly via USB or Bluetooth. The car screen will be responsible for displaying those applications compatible with both the system and driving, to manage with the vehicle controls Spotify, Google Maps, Waze, Android Auto, apps to locate parking lots such as Parkopedia or the weather from Weather Crave.

We will not be able to access games or any other application that may distract us from driving. What’s more, MirrorLink is quite restrictive when it comes to approving which apps are compatible and which are not.

The main thing will be that both parts (smartphone and the computer onboard the car) are compatible, connect the mobile, and activate the connection between them. From there, the MirrorLink interface will automatically launch in the car with the contents (compatible applications) of the phone. Which we can start to manage in the same way as we do it on the smartphone.

However, [MirrorLink] is not an exclusive system. This gadget can be used in solidarity with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, creating a more consistent and integrated use of mobile applications through the car screen.

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