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Why Is Data Security Important For Everyone?

Why Is Data Security Important For Everyone?

Data Security Importantance

Data security is the trending topic of discussion on the internet in today’s time. Data or information security is the practice of safe-guarding your information on the internet. It’s also known as IT Security or electronic information security. Data security can be implemented using hardware and software technologies.

Most commonly used tools like antivirus, encryption, firewalls, two-factor authentication, software patches, updates, etc. are used by entities to secure their data.

But why is it important? Why do you need to take the essential precautions for security along with everyone else?

Data is information. Information that we consider here is particularly the one that you have somewhere on the internet or a device that has internet access. This information can be basic like name, age and gender or sensitive like address, bank account details, personal background. This information can be used for providing better user experience to scams.

When we use the internet and input information about us to be able to use the “free” platforms, we provide the companies with information about us. This information is stored in the database. Sometimes even after we “delete” our accounts and “erase” our data, it still exists in the backends of the database. But the main question is why is it a matter of concern? Why is securing this information essential?

Data brokering

Data brokering is one of the major contributors to the revenue of a company. Data Brokering is a trade that aggregates information from various sources. Then they process it, cleanse or analyze it to improve its quality, thus enriching it; and further, they license it to other organizations.

Data brokers can also license another company’s data directly, or process another organization’s data to provide them with enhanced results. The catch here is that we let the companies store our data, which turns it free for the utilisation of the company in whatever way they deem well as long as it is inside their guidelines of “privacy policy” or the famous “terms and conditions”.

As mentioned above, the information could be anything about you and even though most platforms take care of who they share the data with, we are often careless. We access insecure websites and log in through our accounts, often granting platforms and brokers, that are unsafe, the access to all the information on our accounts. Thus, providing them with raw material to earn billions at our expense.


Hacking is more than just leud information shared through our accounts. It is the hijacking of our virtual presence, imposters of the digital kind. Hacking can lead to various atrocities, one of them being identity theft. The hacker once inside your account has all your information without any restrictions.

The hacker knows your basic details, but also what you like, what you dislike, what you search for, where you were and are, what you are doing, what texts did you send, and so on. To summarise, the hacker knows everything about you and so they can turn into a wolf in a sheep’s clothing, they steal your identity and can cause harm to not only your life but in cases they can carry out criminal activities under your name without a trace of their presence. Most of the times you won’t even find out what is happening until it is too late.

So the next time you feel like information security is only important for the big guns in the world, we wish you reconsider.

Invasion of privacy

This particular part is relatable to every being that uses the internet, in fact, it is essential to everyone, even if they do not know of the internet. We have developed the tendency to store sensitive information about us online or to discuss sensitive and private matters over the various platforms available for “free”. Most of us aren’t aware of the prying eyes upon it.

Most providers have the right to read and access all our data, so they know about all our personal issues and events. They know about our medical records, they know of our online “private” journals, they know of our conversations, those midnight rants, all of it. That is the invasion of our privacy.

When we utilise the internet platforms carelessly, we risk our privacy at the very minimum and god forbid if someday the database is hacked, it could be our personal chats on display. This is where data privacy comes in, when we use better platforms like Houm we ensure our privacy. We get rid of the prying eyes and security threats.

Data security is important on a very basic level. Because it is the promise of the providers to grant you security but it is your need to keep the data secure. You may be able to undo or recover from the damage of monetary loss or the attacks of leud texts but when it is your entire life’s details on the line, do you still want to reconsider the importance of data privacy?

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