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A Detailed Guide to ACCA Course

A Detailed Guide to ACCA Course

In this fast-paced business world, managing accounts and financial records from all perspectives has become very difficult and requires expertise in that industry. Many profiles bear in-depth knowledge of finance and seek out complex financial problems with a professional mindset. If you wish to switch your career to the accounting and finance industry at the international level, then you need to know more insights on top accounting courses. In this article, we have covered the ACCA course details that will support your decision and give a detailed guide on the system.

Understanding the Basics ACCA

ACCA refers to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a professional accounting body. This international-level course is designed to help businesses all around to work with significant potential. The world market has a massive demand for ACCA qualification, offering handsome packages with many more benefits. ACCA course helps you to gain in-depth knowledge in accounting, auditing, and taxation and covers more finance insights. The course opens doors to many opportunities highlighting the top role in companies based on his financial take.

An Overview of the ACCA Course

The ACCA course is two years; you can complete the ACCA course in 2 years or even less than two years based on your knowledge and preparation. The course includes 14 ACCA exams and 13 ACCA papers. Purseving the ACCA course will provide a strong foundation in knowing accounting principles and give you theoretical and practical insights.

Before starting the course, you need to overview the course curriculum and content of the system. At the initial stage, the method includes foundation exams that cover the basics of accounting, auditing, and finance principles. Moreover, like other courses, the rest of the 14 exams will cover advanced topics and allow specialisation.

Registration and Enrollment details

Before enrolling in the course, you must match the academic and all other stated requirements. The ACCA course demands proficiency in the English language. To get into the system, you must register online on the official website of ACCA; after successful registration, you will have to prepare for exams by referring to the required study materials.

Fee structure

The ACCA course fee for the foundation level will cost approximately Rs 40,000, including exam papers, registration, and coaching charges. As you approach the professional level, you will find advancement in the fee structure that can cost around 70,000 to 1lakh. Moreover, the ACCA course fees vary based on several factors that count on which area you are considering applying for a course, the level of exam, and many more.


This article provides ACCA course details that answer the questions based on the course curriculum and ACCA course fee structure. Before joining the course, you need to know the overview of the system and how many stages are included to complete the course. Initially, you must register on the official website and explore the ACCA website to access the learning resources and know the exam-related updates smoothly. To stay in a rewarding field, you must understand the qualification structure, exam strategies, and other processes. I wish you good luck in your ACCA course adventure.

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